Raw Mania

As I discussed it with fellow photographers or people interested in the process of ‘taking pictures’, it becomes more and more challenging over time to carry a camera around and be a tourist in a new town – in the sense that our photography style evolves with time and it is natural to see things differently.

From the so called ‘spray and pray’ early stages to the more redefined framing and waiting for the moment, we are also attracted to distinct subjects or aspects of the new places we explore.

Such tastes are refined and influenced by the exposure of social media trends and curated media platforms. Just to name a few, I can think about ‘Subjectively Objective‘, ‘Paper Journal mag‘ and ‘Lekkerzine‘.

I believe that this set comes from the wider family of minimalist photography, mixing the classic architecture of Bucharest and adds a subversive twist with a contemporary feel, from the point of view of a tourist discovering the capital of Romania.