Heaven – I’m in Hafen(City)

/!\ Disclaimer: If you despise Red and/or Orange colors, I would strongly suggest to go back where you come from /!\

The following day after arriving in Hamburg, our friend being the ‘tour guide’ was looking for that emblematic spot in the city. Asking around in the coffee shops and our breakfast place, it is as if people in the serving industry weren’t from Hamburg itself – or didn’t know the city.

Finally after a few hours wandering here and there, we found the beginning of the Docks neighbourhood that would lead us to that place my friend was looking for. As for me, I was conquered right when we approached the district.

Coming from a place where the Red Bricks are a regional symbol, this felt like heaven for my kind of photography: Urban, moody, somewhat dark and gritty at times.

I found really interesting highlighting the diversity of the details in an area that is made of mostly one element (the red brick) and strictly abides to the rigidity of the German linear Architecture. Lines, straight lines, horizontal lines and more perpendicular lines.

The X100F handled pretty well the cloudy and covered day, which made some spots easily underexposed at times. At the end of our walk we finished with the Elbphilarmony which was the crowded spot, combining modern glass shapes resting on a huge solid red block or bricks.