Coffee is Beautiful

Last year I had the chance to meet Carlos Zavala Hyde – Head barista at Wer-Haus.

FIrst of all, thanks to him I had an educated introduction to the world of coffee. i.e. it is not anymore ‘put coffee. pour hot water. drink.’ I was able to discover the many ways of brewing coffee, various names, and tools that were used during the process.

Now let me tell you straight away that as a photographer, the world of coffee is closely link with aesthetics. It is no surprise that Hashtag ‘Coffee’ is close to 68 million hits on Instagram. Add to this the clean and minimal look of modern design and it results in a treat for the eyes.

What would at first be just a job, is drawing more from a passion, or way of life for Carlos. I could fairly say that the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy is part of his coffee world. Precision and attention to details, and the way he sees it is indeed right: Educating customers and his own competitors is the right path for everyone to taste a better coffee at the end of the line !